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I just happen to not be your average everyday pony, I just happen to be a file hoarder. Preferably music, since I got about a terabyte of music that spans from years upon years. I also got a shit ton of warez, that span from years as well, and I enjoy fucking around in Windows 3.1, cuz it's cool. I heavily enjoy vintage computers (C64, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum, and Dragon 32/64), Vintage Synthesizers (Moog, Novachord, Theremin, and Trautonium), Video Games(Arena, Daggerfall, Doom, and Armors & Amulet), and Asian Antiques.

I enjoy listening a lot of 60's/70's Moog music, Hammond Jazz, Exotica, Bossa Nova, Casiocore, Gabber, Jungle, 80's Goth Rock, Deathrock, Power Electronics, Punk Jazz, Kosmiche Musik, No Wave, Smooth Jazz, and Hip-Hop. I am a musician in my spare time, I experiment a lot with Hyperpop and Happy Hardcore, and on my side-alias I experiment with Rhythmic Noise/Breakcore. Though behind-the-scenes, I have a lot of unreleased stuff that experiments with Musique Concrete, Gabber, and Moog Noise. I plan on releasing this in the future, when I'm more confident in doing so.

My girlfriend is Hawtdogull! I have Autism and Schizophrenia. My pronouns are pony/ponies/ponyself, neigh/neighs/neighself, and hoof/hooves/hooveself. I am a Transfem Pegasus-aligned Ponygender and Sapphic. I am a Pony Therian, I also happen to be a Romani, raised in a heavily Romani background.

If you want to contact me, I'm always on, I am always open in new friendships as well, and enjoy a lot of music discussion, and want to hear what you are into!

Discord: Tanasinn#0240

Best viewing is with Netscape 3.0 or Mozilla at 800 x 600 screen size or greater, and in a color mode greater than 256 colors, eg. thousands or millions on the Mac or 64k or 16.7 million on IBM.