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Furby Hub


Welcome one, welcome all! The home of the Fābī Otaku is here! This is a place where I would love to share stuff about Furbies here! As you can see my design being inspired by the design of late-90's amateur singular-person web design.

This page is supposed to be a Furby sanctuary, and my general interests of the Furby community, there will be more pages that splits from this, such as probable articles spanning discussion of it, since this page is too small to host all of that.

Hopefully I can expand this side of my website to the outer limits of Furbiness! I've been thinking of adding an articles page, buttons page, a small archive of Furby fangames(Depending if I can find the person who originally made it, and ask permission to host it), and a page dedicated to me very own Furbies!

Well, right now I am treading slowly as I can, since this is a very fresh page. I don't want to go insane with design early on, well I lied a bit, I may have went overboard, lol. But yeah, I'm currently basking in all things 90's design. YUMMY!

Best viewing is with Netscape 3.0 or Mozilla at 800 x 600 screen size or greater, and in a color mode greater than 256 colors, eg. thousands or millions on the Mac or 64k or 16.7 million on IBM.