Windows 3.1
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W3.1 DOSBox First Edition

Welcome to my First Edition of my Preconfigured-DOSBox of W3.1

This is compact with games, software, music, and demo videos. Including new sounds for the start up, notifications, and shutdown. Please do not this won't be the only version, I plan on expanding this and improving on it. Right now I felt like releasing it for whatever reason. But don't expect updates pump quickly, I love taking time as you can see some of the dates on some of the stuff on the thing. I'm also heavily busy but love doing this kind of stuff.

Stuff Included in a Nutshell

•New Custom Color Scheme called "Cyberpunk" • Impulse Tracker • New Custom Sounds • Alternate Zig-Zag Photo Background Color Scheme • Visual Basic • Design It 3D • Tongue of the Fatman • Jazz Jackrabbit • Macromedia Director • Adobe Illustrator • Zork • Windows Entertainment Pack 1-3 • Lemmings

Download W3.1 DOSBox First Edition

Best viewing is with Netscape 3.0 or Mozilla at 800 x 600 screen size or greater, and in a color mode greater than 256 colors, eg. thousands or millions on the Mac or 64k or 16.7 million on IBM.